Do you supply school uniform with school logos on?2020-05-12T20:26:01+00:00

No, all items are generic and are not personalised. We do not accept branded items of clothing as these cannot benefit other children in different schools and areas.

What sizes do you stock?2020-05-12T20:25:40+00:00

That very much depends on stock. We aim to provide clothes that are suitable between the ages of 5-16, although bigger sizes are less likely to be donated. Again, all sizes are despatched on a first come first serves basis.

What items do you provide?2020-05-12T20:25:20+00:00
  • Grey trousers / shorts

  • Grey skirts

  • White long sleeved shirts / short sleeved

  • Cardigans in grey / green / yellow / blue / red

  • Summer dresses in green / yellow / blue / red

  • White polo t-shirts

  • White sports shorts

  • Plimsoles or trainers

How good is the quality of these second-hand items?2020-05-12T20:22:44+00:00

We have a very strict quality checking process. Everything we send out is fit for purpose, however, we would ask you to wash the clothes again before wearing due to being in transit.

Do I have to pay the postage to receive a free school uniform?2020-06-19T15:09:10+00:00

No. Freeuniforms4kids will absorb the cost on your behalf. We can arrange to send you a pre-paid postage label and you can drop off and collect at any of the 4,500 nationwide parcelshops.

How do I make a request?2020-05-12T20:21:00+00:00

Simply, click on the ‘Request a uniform’ button on the home page and complete the online form. Once we have received your request, we will fulfil the order (stock permitting) as soon as we can, but no longer than 5 working days.

Do I need to qualify for a free school uniform?2020-05-12T20:20:38+00:00

No. We rely on our clients’ moral ethics not to abuse this service. No family should use this if they don’t really need it as this takes much-needed support away from others. All orders are processed on a first come first served basis.

Where can I donate?2020-05-12T20:19:43+00:00

There are a number of places you can donate:

  • We can install a dedicated recycled school uniform bin in your school grounds.

  • Your participating library may have a drop-off point.

  • Your local council offices may also have a drop-off point.

  • You can contact us direct by telephone or email or use the ‘Donate a uniform’ button on the home page.

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