For many years, we have been passionate about recycling clothes to minimise environmental damage and our sister companies Recycled Clothing Banks and Kids Just Recycle offer ways that local community groups, charities, businesses and schools can earn a cash lump sum. This is achieved by simply donating pre-loved clothing, paired shoes and household textiles into one of our onsite FREE personalised branded clothing bins.

Once these clothing bins have been collected, emptied and sorted we often find items of school uniform which we can’t do very much with. Increasingly, we are finding more and more school wear is being discarded so we needed to find a positive way to recycle these items so they don’t go to waste and can make a huge difference to local communities. That’s why Freeuniforms4kids was formed.

We are actively encouraging separate donations of unbranded school uniform so we can create a stockpile of varying sizes and colours for the families who rely on our services. This means children can go to school adequately clothed with a positive and healthy mindset and free from potential threat of bullying.

If you find yourself in a position where your child could benefit from a free school uniform, we will do our very best to help.

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